Exercise is Good for Your Health…and Fingerpicking

After watching an amazing fingerpicker, you’ll probably want to learn fingerstyle playing yourself. But if you do, you will quickly realize that it’s not as easy as it looks. Suddenly, it seems that your fingers have minds of their own, and that they are resisting what you want them to do.

This is were exercises come in. Exercises help relax the fingers, thereby making them adequately dextrous for the requirements of fingerpicking. Below, we present the most effective fingerstyle exercises as taught by some of the top guitar teachers online.

Very Basic Fingerstyle Exercises

We start out with a really basic lesson from JustinGuitar.com. Below is the video for the lesson, but we urge you to head over there because of the very informative transcript. If there’s a best way to start off on fingerpicking, it is with this lesson.

Additional Chords and More Patterns

If you think you are ready to move up to more exercises, then GuitarHabits.com is the place to be. It only adds two more chords to practice with, but more than makes up for it with 16 playing patterns! Drop by at the site to see all the patterns and their accompanying tabs.

Developing Finger Independence

When you’re a beginner, it will seem like your fingers are very stubborn. Usually, they’ll do what you don’t want them to do, specially when an adjacent finger is moving. So to develop finger independence, do the exercise in the video below. It’s from GuitarLessons365.com, and there’s a nice transcript and tab over there.